Pier, Fine Associates

New York
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New York, NY
PH: 4,000 sf
Terrace: 4,000 sf

Fifth Avenue Penthouse

Reconstructing a penthouse, in and of itself, can be a challenge, but reconstructing a penthouse atop a fully occupied Fifth Avenue landmark requires a client with real fortitude. This property had been tied up in probate for many years and after an initial buyer bowed out once the complications of the project became evident, a buyer emerged with the grit to take it on. During the preliminary design phase, Pier, Fine Associates Architects had to cope with a number of issues: a roof which needed to be replaced, the need to extend a stair tower to the roof of the penthouse for a common roof deck and the need to reconstruct and re-design the exterior façade. The interiors were completely gutted and the entire project was designed with energy efficiency in mind. The cooling system is a VRF system, walls and roof are well insulated and windows are glazed with high performance glass and frames. The goal was to create an apartment that was quiet, harmonious, confortable and light filled with a strong connection to the terrace from all of the major rooms. The terrace, with landscaping designed by Hollander Design Landscape Architects, was to serve multiple functions as both private garden, dining and entertainment space, and outdoor exercise area with yoga deck and putting lawn. The interiors included a large living room fronting Central Park, a wing for children’s and guest bedrooms, a movie theatre and media room and a master suite and library. Materials were selected for beauty and durability and included marbles, bronze and ebonized walnut.