Pier, Fine Associates

New York
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Manhasset, NY
7,700 sf

Long Island Residence

A modest, faux Georgian “builder’s house” was gutted, re-framed and significantly expanded to accommodate the family of a theatre producer who also happens to be a bibliophile and collector. The program called for, among other functions, a library, a wine cellar and a private master bedroom suite which was to include an exercise room and a dressing room. Architecturally the goal was to create a variety of inviting spaces by inserting dramatic double height volumes as a counterpoint to the single story spaces of the former residence. The family room is on axis with the main stair hall and the pyramidal volume of the room provides a visual center to the house as well as an interesting counterpoint to the more formal single story living room. The double height, French walnut library has a reading balcony and double skylight system which filters out UV rays and solar heat, protecting the rare books in the collection. The family room, paneled in reclaimed antique American pine, the kitchen and master suite all open directly onto terraces overlooking the garden and pool.